Compfest 98!

Compfest 98

by Dean Fait

It started out as a conversation between Jo Lucas and Mike Alford. Both are owners of Comp T/A's...SLP engineerings rarest production car. "Wouldn't a get-together of Comp T/A people be great! That was all the inspiration that Mike needed. Using the internet and the telephone he contacted all the owners of this very limited production car that he could. He also had another break the record of 7 Comp T/A's in one picture. Apparently SLP never had more than 5 or 6 together at the factory at the same time. The major obstacle to overcome would be the date..November 1. The city of Indianapolis,Indiana was chose as the site. As the big day grew closer,the Weather Channel gave little chance of any rain. Saturday afternoon brought 4 of the silver 'Birds in. Mike & Betty Lorette from Olathe,Kansas(Comp T/A#39)& James Wise,with the long distance award of over 700 miles from Hayes,Kansas in car#62..were the first to arrive. Dean & Chris Fait enjoyed the autumn foliage as they came from Moline,Illinois with the #0 prototype car,that was formerly owned by Jim Mattison. Dan & Karen Beyer of Sheboygan,Wisconsin joined the group shortly with Comp #28. For dinner,a Steak & Ale restaurant was picked,as it was within walking distance of the host motel.Prime rib & lobster was enjoyed by we shared good conversation. Sunday morning brought in Mike Alford#57 from Loveland,Ohio. Terry & Alice Hanks from Portland,Indiana in Comp T/A #48 and Michael Tesch#142 from New Whiteland,Indiana. The record was broken upon the arrival of Ron & Jo Lucas#112 of Tipp City,Ohio. Bob Tomaso#31 of Bartlett,Ill made nine. Finally..just for insurance,Carey Mikesell#53 from Berne,Indiana completed the list! After some excellent comradry and several photos using the brightly colored trees of William Sahn park as the backdrop...a cruise was in order. We headed around the city to see Steve Hamilton's collection of Trans-Am's. Watching people's reactions to 10 charcoal striped..silver Ram-Air T/A's flying in formation was a real treat. After viewing the awsome display of the 50+ Firebirds of Steve' was time to part ways. A June gathering in St. Louis is being discussed for next year. Is 20 out of the question?

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